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What you can do remotely with AdminToys Suite

  Task Solution
  Monitor performance and reliability, alert administrators when system parameters are out of normal range  

Remote Performance Expert

Delivers real-time system performance management with advanced alerting.

  Explore processes and CPU utilization, view history of run and finished processes, run programs  

Remote Process Manager

Manages running processes and applications remotely.

  Get system summary, view desktop remotely, inventory computers for hardware configuration  

Remote System Manager

Displays key information about remote PC and allows to time sync, power off, and more.

  View data storage devices, perform HDDs health check, open, copy, move and delete files and folders  

Data Storage Information

Gathers and displays variety of information about storage devices on network computers.

  Manage disk space use, set disk space limits for users  

Remote Disk Quota Manager

Tracks disk space usage for NTFS file system volumes on remote machines.

  Edit Windows registry  

Remote Registry Manager

Provides the ability to view and edit Windows Registry remotely as well as the local one.

  Start/stop services, change startup type  

Remote Daemon Manager

Controls services on the remote machine.

  View logged events, clear logs  

Remote Event Log Manager

Displays and filters the contents of Event Log files on the remote or local computer.

  Configure network adapters  

Remote IP Configuration

Allows to configure network adapters on remote computers.

  Execute console commands and programs remotely and view results locally  

Remote Console

Launches a full interactive command prompt on remote systems.

  Synchronize the clock  

Batch Clock Synchronization

Gets computer clock synchronized all over your network.

  Power off computers in the office  

Batch Remote Power Off

Shuts down remote computers in two mouse clicks.

  Turn on or wake up computers  

Batch Wake-On-LAN

Turns on computers from across the network.

  Reboot systems  

Batch Remote Restart

Restarts computers in your network.

  Close user sessions  

Batch Remote Log Off

Closes user sessions on the remote computers.

  Run commands  

Batch Command Execution

Executes command remotely on network computers.

  Start/stop services on a group of computers at once  

Batch Service Control

Gives you a full control over installed services on your network computers.

  Generate reports about hardware/software configuration  

Batch Report Builder

Generates reports about hardware and software configuration of network computers.


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