Copies sold Your income*
  2 licenses per month  

$ 29

  4 licenses per month   $ 59  
  5 licenses per month   $ 149  
  10 licenses per month   $ 447  
  15 licenses per month   $ 670  
  20 licenses per month   $ 894  
  25 licenses per month   $ 1,117  
  30 licenses per month   $ 1,341  
  2 licenses per day   $ 3,576  
  3 licenses per day   $ 5,364  
  4 licenses per day   $ 8,940  
  5 licenses per day   $ 11,175  
  6 licenses per day   $ 13,410  
  7 licenses per day   $ 15,645  
  8 licenses per day   $ 17,880  
  9 licenses per day   $ 20,115  
  10 licenses per day   $ 22,350  

* Average monthly income    

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Product Materials (images & text)


AdminToys Suite Screenshot


AdminToys Suite Boxshot

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XML PAD file

45 characters description

Administration utilities designed for you.

80 characters description

Complex remote management solution designed for your Windows-based network.

250 characters description

Comes with 19 tools and allows you to monitor network computers performance, manage and run programs remotely, view remote desktop, track and limit disk space usage on remote machines, synchronize clocks, configure network adapters remotely, and more

450 characters description

Allows you to centralized monitor computer's performance and reliability, manage and run apps remotely, inventory computers in your network for hardware configuration, view remote desktop, track and limit disk space usage, synchronize computer clocks, restart/shutdown/power on network computers, execute commands remotely, configure network adapters remotely, dump your network computer's statistic to CSV, TXT or HTML. Find 19 network tools inside.

2000 characters description

AdminToys Suite is a collection of administration utilities for remote management of Windows Servers and Workstations. AdminToys Suite comes with 19 network tools that help you to save time on everyday administrative tasks: Remote Performance Expert, Remote Process Manager, Remote System Manager, Data Storage Information, Remote Disk Quota Manager, Remote Registry Manager, Remote Daemon Manager, Remote Event Log Manager, Remote IP Configuration, Remote Console, Batch Clock Synchronization, Batch Remote Power Off, Batch Wake-on-LAN, Batch Remote Restart, Batch Remote Log Off, Batch Command Execution, Batch Service Control, Batch Report Builder. AdminToys Suite modules allows you dump the result to TXT or CSV file, or create a printable HTML report. Take a free 30-day test drive! Try out AdminToys Suite before you decide to purchase it. Get an affordable collection of administration utilities designed for you. Get AdminToys Suite.

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